The Similarities of Chinese Tree Peony and Japanese Tree Peony

The Chinese Tree Peony and the Japanese Tree Peony are still more far alike than different. It is recommended that you do not over water the plants and they like a good helping of fertilizer to help them bloom. It can take a few years to get the blooms you want on a peony tree. Sometimes you will only see one or two the first year with progressive amounts each year after that. Both plants do not like to be transplanted and will not bloom for a couple years after one. Plant these peony at least 36 inches from each other in order to prevent overcrowding. It is not recommended that you mulch these plants in warmer growing zones, if they do not get enough cold they will not bloom that year.


Peonies are a plant that once considered exotic has made itself known on many continents. The Chinese Tree Peony was transplanted to Japan where changes were made to it for aesthetic purposes. The main differences being the loss of fragrance and that the tree blooms with one or two flower stems instead of three or four. No matter where they are located peonies tend to be a picky plant that likes full sun, the right fertilizer and no transplanting. If you waver from this the tree will not produce blooms for you the following season. So Japanese Tree Peonies versus Chinese Tree Peonies, the only thing that separates them is a few scientific changes.

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